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General Information (Personal)
Name: Artemis Watson
Species: Homo Superior
Gender Identity: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Race: Caucasian-American
Date of Birth: 5/17/2022
Birthplace: Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

General Information (Public Relation)
Affiliation: The X-Men
Alias(es): Arty, Psyche

Physical Characteristics
Height: 5'6
Weight: 126 lbs.
Eye color: Light green
Hair color: Auburn

Powers and Abilities
Main Mutation: Psionic Manipulation - Artemis was born with the ability to use any and all psychic abilities. While the eventual development of this is possible, only two 'main' abilities are available to him.
-Telekinesis - Using the enhanced abilities of his mind, Artemis is able to control objects using psionic energy. This energy can also be used independently, creating force fields or projectiles. This independent energy typically carries a soft pink hue.
Telepathy - Artemis is able to read the thoughts of others, as well as inject ideas or thoughts in communication. This would also enable a psychic 'shield', blocking out unwanted intruders.
-Attacks directly targetting his mind or its energy will cause pain and may dull the effectiveness of his abilities. (Ex. A boulder attacking one of his fields may weaken the field and cause physical injury.)
-A stronger telepath may be able to bypass his shield.

-His telekinesis, while further developed, still has definite weight limitations on its focus
-His telepathy must be focused on one target at once, as multiple targets would overload his own thoughts
-Use of telekinesis may cause strain on his physical or mental strength, depending on the weight of the lifted object.
Possible Development:
-Astral Projection
-Empathy, as directed by his method of telepathic communication.
-Mental Manipulation, as directed by his method of telepathic communication.
-Psychic Constructs

History: -TBA-
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