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Jennifer Drexus (Eve) Empty Jennifer Drexus (Eve)

Post by Lilibae on Mon Aug 24, 2015 12:43 am

Information (Personal)
Name: Jennifer Drexus
Species: Mutant
Gender Identity: Female
Sexual Orientation: N/A
Race: Usually Caucasian
Date of Birth: 3/4/1996
Birthplace: London, England

General Information (Public Relation)
Affiliation: X-Men
School Role (X-Men Exclusive):
Biology Professor & Scientist Alias(es): Eve

Physical Characteristics
Height: 5' 9" (varies)
Weight: 200 lbs. (varies)
Eye color: Blue (varies)
Hair color: Silver/white
Unique Markings: None.

Powers and Abilities
Main Mutation: Biological Manipulation
Sub-Mutations: Shapeshifting
Protein deprivation
Water deprivation
Caloric deprivation
Limitations: Without protein or caloric stores and sustenance she would be greatly weakened.
Possible Extensions:
Psychic manipulation of biology
Power Copying via genetic manipulation
Molecular manipulation

History: Having grown up with a single geneticist father, Eve was a chip off the old block.
Growing even more talented and renowned in her field, terror struck when her own experiments began reacting to her. Within a year she came to the conclusion that she was in absolute control of her own biology.
And now, after coming to the Xavier institute, she finds a place as their resident biology professor.
Cold and emotionless, Eve reveals little about herself. One thing is for sure, however. She has big plans.


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